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Do you want to lose weight, get toned abs, muscles and relieve stress? Are you tired of the monotonous machine routine at traditional gyms that deliver little or no results?   At Kalari Kickboxing y0u learn the proper kickboxing techniques which prevents injuries.  Our one hour no contact classes will get you energized while increasing your strength & flexibility. We provide a very friendly atmosphere, and our instructors are dedicated to quality instruction.

All Skill Levels Are Welcome

We pride ourselves in the quality of our classes which are suitable for a variety of skill levels! Don't worry if you have never tried anything like this before. You will be guided and fully supported as you move through classes and levels to find what works best for you. We offer this in a fun, judgement-free atmosphere.  For those who are more experienced, we offer more advanced classes for a more challenging, intense workout.

It's Fun Easy and Safe

Our Co-Ed or Women's Only classes are designed with combinations that have a natural, highly effective yet safe flow which includes Cardio, Yoga based stretching, Striking and Core Ab work.  They are progressive programs that cover a full body workout (abs, legs, chest, shoulders, back and arms), and you move through these classes at your own pace. Join us for a FREE TRIAL class today!!!

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