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Muay Thai Kickboxing (Co-ed)




In each class we combine cardio and a  full "Yoga Based" body stretch. Workouts typically burn about 1000 calories per hour and would greatly increase Strength,  Cardio and Flexibility.  This is and awesome way to get in shape and lose a few unwanted pounds with classes 7 days per week


The classes are divided into levels from Beginner to Black with a progressive curriculum of striking for each level.  Pad work and technical training, is practiced with no contact,  meaning that no one gets hurt, we train together and learn how to strike and defend with the use of traditional muay thai pads.
These classes are perfect for everyone from beginners to pros because of the drills on basic footwork, stance, body position, striking techniques and blocking.

Intermediate Muay Thai

Also known as the art of “8 Limbs”, is a form of kickboxing that originated in Thailand. Our Muay thai classes incorporates the use of hands and legs with a focus on striking techniques. Our classes will allow you to get control of your punches, kicks, knee’s and elbows. Training includes shadow boxing, bag work, pad work, skill development and technical sparring.


 This class is designed for students who wants to go beyond the traditional pad work and take the first step to light contact.  Controlled sparring drills are praticed to gain a good foundation of timing, distancing, counter attacks and defense. 


*Protective equipment with a minimum of three months of training is required to participate.

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